Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana App & Promo Review: December 2023

Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana is working to go live in the state soon, having purchased the assets of PointsBet Louisiana. Learn about the Fanatics Louisiana promo code, its app features and more key details in this review of one of the next operator to take wagers in the Louisiana sports betting market.

Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana Promo & Launch Updates

Here are the basics of the Fanatics Louisiana sportsbook, which should be up and running over the next several months.  

🎁 Fanatics Louisiana Promo CodeTBD
πŸ’° Fanatics Sportsbook LA PromoTBD
πŸ“± Fanatics LA App Ratings3.7 (Apple), 3.8 (Android)
βœ… Last VerifiedDecember 2023

Get your first Louisiana sportsbooks – or add to your collection of them – by considering the following while we are waiting to Fanatics to get off the ground.

Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana
Promo Code

What Is The Fanatics Promo Code Louisiana?

There is no Fanatics Louisiana promo code as of December 2023. But a Fanatics Louisiana promo code is fully expected as soon as the sportsbook is operational in the state of Louisiana. Once there's a Fanatics launch date available for Louisiana, we'll update it here.

How Can I Claim The Fanatics Louisiana Promo Code?

New Fanatics Sportsbook customers will be able to claim the Fanatics Louisiana promo as soon as it is available by signing up through the link(s) that we have in this review. Because that has not happened yet, you can check out all Louisiana promo codes and look for alternatives.  

As soon as Fanatics sportsbook has a license to operate in Louisiana, this page will be updated. You'll be prepared to get a Fanatics Louisiana sportsbook promo.

Do I Have To Use The Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana Promo Code? 

No, new customers do not need a Fanatics Sportsbook promo code, but all Fanatics Louisiana promo codes/bonuses give you extra betting power right away. And although other perks are available down the road, those tend to be smaller. The biggest welcome offers are available only at sign-up.

Common Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana Promos Available

There is no Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana promo code offer or welcome bonus at this time. However, a Fanatics promo code/bonus should be coming soon. Among the possibilities that you can expect:

Deposit Match Bonus 

A deposit match bonus is a 100% match from the sportsbook up to a certain limit. It is straightforward. A 100% deposit match bonus up to $100 means that you would have $200 in your betting account. You can deposit more money, of course, but the sportsbook caps what it will give you. 

$150 Bonus Bet

Fanatics Louisiana Sportsbook also has offered a $150 bonus bet promo in testing new markets. 

Bet Credit Bonus

Bet credit bonuses often are given in an amount matching your deposit, again up to a certain limit. Bet credits can be used to place most or all wagers, but generally there are some limits on withdrawing the funds, such as a rollover requirement (this forces you to bet that money again and keep winning, sometimes multiple times, before you can withdraw it). 

Odds Boosts

Odds boosts sweeten the payout or the odds for you, encouraging you to take the chance. Sportsbooks generally make odds boosts regularly as a way to get bettors to put money down. They probably are best for you when you were going to make a wager already, but now you'll get more money if you are correct.

Any and all of these are good options that you can expect from Fanatics sportsbook Louisiana.

FanCash Rewards From Fanatics LA Sportsbook

The FanCash Rewards program from the Fanatics merchandise store will be carried over to Fanatics Louisiana Sportsbook. This straightforward program is very popular. A FanCash calculator lets you know how much FanCash you have. There are few limitations on cashing in rewards. In fact, Fanatics loves to advertise that "you can redeem however you want."

You earn FanCash with nearly all wagers.

  • 5% on same-game parlays
  • 3% on parlays
  • 1% on straight bets

You can use FanCash three great ways.

  • 🏈 Merchandise discounts at partner sites, such as official NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA shops and stores
  • πŸ’Έ Merchandise discounts at
  • πŸ’° Bonus bets

Some bets do not earn FanCash (wagers made with bonus bets, for example). But in general, whether you win or lose your bet, you will get FanCash.

Is There a Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana NFL Promo?

Most industry analysts expect that Fanatics' association with the NFL making it more likely than not that there will be a promo for America's No. 1 sports for betting. 

Be on the lookout for Fanatics to release in Louisiana as the New Orleans Saints kick off their 2023-24 campaign as favorites to win the NFC South. You may have a great opportunity to bet on futures such as the Saints' playoff chances or take advantage of Saints' Super Bowl odds. 

Fanatics Louisiana Sportsbook Site Features

Fanatics Sportsbook is expected to offer some of the best features found in most Louisiana sports betting sites and apps. This is simply down to the fact that Fanatics Louisiana promo codes will be up against some very stiff competition in the Centennial State. 

Ongoing Promotions

Welcome promos usually only offer value for your first wager or deposit. So it comes down to regular promotions that Fanatics will use to compete with BetMGM Louisiana and others. 

Live Betting

Live betting is one of the hottest trends in the betting industry, and we expect Fanatics to take full advantage. Fanatics will have to have a robust live betting feature to challenge Caesars Sportsbook, which offers a top-notch live betting feature. 

Customer Support

Fanatics LA Sportsbook can win a lot of friends immediately by having 24/7 customer support in Louisiana in the form of both live chat and a customer support phone number staffed by operators. 

Does Fanatics Louisiana Have A Partnership With A Casino?

Fanatics Louisiana does not have a casino partner in Louisiana, but it will be buying the assets of PointsBet Louisiana and PointsBet is partnered with Penn National Gaming. According to that company's website, Penn National operates five gaming facilities in Louisiana – Boomtown Bossier City, Boomtown New Orleans, L'Auberge Baton Rouge, L'Auberge Lake Charles and Margaritaville Resort in Bossier City.

What Sports Does Fanatics Louisiana Offer?

When Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana goes online, it is expected to focus on the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, as well as college football and basketball.  Tennis, soccer, golf and racing also should be on the menu. Check out other Louisiana sportsbooks so you can see what they offer for betting markets. While waiting for Fanatics to come online, here are some more good options for you to check out.


Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana Betting App

Popular Betting Options Offered By Fanatics Louisiana

The Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana app will offer all standard betting options available at other sportsbooks. A primer of the main available wagers:

  1. Moneyline A moneyline bet involves betting on the outcome of a single game or event, where one team is considered the favorite and the other team is considered the underdog. The favorite is assigned odds that carry a minus sign (for example, New Orleans Pelicans -210 against the Atlanta Hawks). The underdog gets a plus in front of the odds.Β In this case, if you bet $210 on the Pels to win, you would receive $100 + your stake. You can bet less, though. A bet of $21 would pay out $10 plus the stake.
  2. Point Spread Point spreads are betting on the outcome but by the margin of victory or defeat. The stronger team is favored by a certain number of points – the line. For example, the New Orleans Saints might be -3.5 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In this case, the Saints must win by 4 or more points. The Bucs "cover the spread" by losing by 3 or fewer, or winning outright.
  3. Over/Under Over/unders (or totals) bets, commonly call for bettor to predict if the combined number of points (or runs) in a game will be more or less than the number set by the sportsbook. Totals for NBA games are in the low 200s. As an example, the O/U for a game between the Pelicans and Grizzlies could be 219. Bettors predict if the total number of points scored will be more than or less than 219. As with similar wagers, if the teams combine for 219 points exactly, the bet is a push (tie) and wagers are returned.
  4. Prop Prop bets (proposition bets), are bets made on specific events within a game rather than on the game itself. You can take Derek Carr to throw for at least 300 yards in a game, or bet on Zion Williamson to get a double-double.
  5. Future Futures bets are a type of long-term bet placed in advance of some event. For example, there are odds out now on the New Orleans Pelicans to win the 2024 NBA Championship. Because these wagers are made early, you get good odds on up-and-coming teams, rather than betting on them after they emerge.
  6. Parlay Parlays combine the above wagers, making a harder-to-win wager that offers a larger payout. Parlays need at least two legs, but can contain as many as you like. You can make parlays from the same game, from multiple games in the same sport or even games from different sports. All legs of a parlay must hit for the bet to be a winner.

Get To Know The Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana App

The Fanatics Sportsbook mobile app is going to debut here soon. Search for Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana at the Apple App Store and at Google Play, then install it on your iOS or Android device. It is sure to be a strong competitor among Louisiana betting apps

How To Sign Up With Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana

Creating a Fanatics Louisiana sportsbook account is easy. Follow these steps. 

1️⃣  Search for Fanatics Sportsbook at Google Play or the Apple App Store
2️⃣  Download and install the app
3️⃣  Input your e-mail and password
4️⃣  Add your name, address and date of birth
5️⃣  Provide the last four digits of your Social Security number
6️⃣  Read and note that you agree with the terms and conditions
7️⃣  Provide supporting documents if necessary to verify your identity 

Banking Options At Fanatics Louisiana

Deposits at Fanatics Sportsbook are almost effortless. Open your account profile at the top right of your screen. Look for deposit/withdrawal options. Click on deposit, input the amount you would like to deposit and add a method if you have not already done so. You can fund your bankroll in a few minutes.

Available Deposit Options

πŸ’° Debit Card – Instant
πŸ’° Instant Bank Transfer – Instant
πŸ’° Apple Pay – Instant
πŸ’° Wire Transfer – Approximately two hours (minimum deposit $5,000)

The minimum deposit is $5. Fanatics Louisiana does not accept credit cards.

Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana has several withdrawal options. As with deposits, the method affects the transaction time. 

Available Withdrawal Options

πŸ’° Debit Card – 2-3 business days. Minimum $1
πŸ’° Instant Bank Transfer – 2-3 business days. Minimum $1
πŸ’° Check – 7-10 business days. Minimum $10
πŸ’° Wire Transfer – Up to 24 hours. Minimum $10,000

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • ACH Transfer
Safety and Security

Data Security At Fanatics LA Sportsbook

All trustworthy sportsbooks employ secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to protect the bankroll and the identity/data of their users. Fanatics Louisiana is certain to implement the top-notch levels of security. 

Customer Support

Contact Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana

Fanatics Sportsbook offers a thorough section on Frequently Asked Questions, but it is a little hidden: you have to click on Live Chat in the app or visit the sportsbook via its desktop platform to access it. The FAQs cover the basics. If you don't find your answer there, contact Fanatics Sportsbook via:

Bet Responsibly At Fanatics Louisiana

Always monitor your sports betting spending and be sure to resist irresponsible decisions regardless of if you're betting online or at any retail Louisiana sportsbook. 

⚜️  Set a gambling budget and stick to it.
⚜️  Only sign up for legal and licensed sports betting sites.
⚜️  Learn more about how to sports bet and responsible gambling.
⚜️  Never choose gambling over other social activities or life commitments.
⚜️  Never share your sports betting account information
⚜️  Never rely on gambling as a means to earn money. 

Fanatics Louisiana will list options for users to self-exclude from gaming, as well as contact information for outside support groups.

⚜️  National Problem Gambling Helpline: Call or text 800.522.4700
⚜️  Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling: 877.770.7867

The Verdict On Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana

By acquiring the US assets of PointsBet, Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiaian will make a big splash quickly when it jumps into the Louisiana sports betting market. Fanatics, which has a lot of capital, a thriving business and the top connections in the sports world, will deliver the certainly impressive Fanatics Sportsbook to Louisiana bettors as soon as possible.

Fanatics Sportsbook Louisiana FAQs


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