WynnBET Louisiana Promo & App Review For May 2024

WynnBET Louisiana sportsbook, which enetered the Louisiana sports betting market in February 2022,  announced August 11, 2023 that is would be leaving the Louisiana sports betting market. Thankfully, Louisiana has several other operators that you can consider including one regarded as tops in the state.

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3 Key Takeaways

1️⃣  The WynnBET Louisiana promo is suspended as of August 11, 2023.
2️⃣  WynnBET Louisiana will be shutting down operations in the state.
3️⃣  BetMGM Louisiana is the recommended operator to consider.

WynnBET Louisiana Promo Code & App Ratings Today

WynnBET Louisiana promo code XGDC is one of the most accessible in the Louisiana market thanks to its low $20 minimum. 

🎁  WynnBET Promo LouisianaSuspended as of August 11, 2023
πŸ’°  WynnBET Louisiana AlternativeBetMGM Louisiana
🎯  Launch DateFebruary 2022
πŸ“±  Apple Rating4.6
πŸ“±  Android Rating4.1
βœ…  Promos Last VerifiedMay 2024

So out of all the online sportsbooks, is the WynnBET app the one for you? Let's dive into the details and I'll help you find out if it's a winning bet after all.

WynnBET Sportsbook Louisiana

What Is The WynnBET Louisiana Promo Code In May 2024 ?

The WynnBET Louisiana promo code has been suspended as of August 11, 2023, and it is not expected to return. WynnBET has announced that it is halting operations in several states, including Louisiana.

WynnBET Louisiana Promos & Offers Live Today

The majority of the promos at the WynnBET sportsbook are for people who like to bet parlays, but there are some interesting live betting and reduced juice specials that give you more competitive odds. WynnBET Louisiana features event- or game-specific promotions, too.

Live Bet & Get

Ready to make it a winning weekend? Get a $10 free bet when you place any two live bets of $50 or more on any sport on Saturday or Sunday. (Live bets are bets placed during the game or event you're betting on.)

Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus

Here's a bonus for anyone who likes to bet parlays. On Monday through Wednesday, place a 4+ leg parlay of at least $50 and you'll get a $10 free bet. Scroll down for more info about parlays.

Build Your Own Betβ„’ Bonus

The WynnBET sportsbook has an easy-to-use feature called Build Your Own Bet parlays, which makes it easy to place same-game parlay bets on NFL and NBA games. To get a $10 free bet, place any three $25+, 3+ leg parlays on Sunday. These parlays are a great way to get into the action on football Sundays.

Wynn Hour

The WynnBET app lets you opt into a promo where you get reduced juice (better moneyline odds) for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm ET. Reduced juice is one of my personal favorite promos, and one of the absolute best ways to place a moneyline bet. Odds boosts from the standard WynnBET odds? Hard to turn down.

Biggest Winners Club

So here's a big-value bonus, but in my opinion, it's not something you should try to chase down. You get a $1,000 free bet when hit the parlay with the longest odds during a given calendar week. (Minimum bet of $5.) If you like to play longshot parlays, it can't hurt to opt into this promo and see if you can make some winning bets. You might just snag a cool grand in the process.

WynnBET Louisiana Sportsbook App: Everything You Need To Know

So I've gone over most of the basics for you, but it's time to get into the real nitty gritty of what you can expect from the WynnBET mobile app. Read on and I'll get into what types of sports you can bet on, the kinds of bets you can make, and even account-related topics like how to sign up and manage the money in your account. Hopefully, I'll cover everything you need to decide if the WynnBET sportsbook has the features, promos and betting options that you're looking for.

Pros & Cons Of The WynnBET Louisiana Sportsbook App

Here's my list of the best points for and against making WynnBET Louisiana your go-to mobile betting destination.

βœ…  An easy-to-claim, high-value welcome bonus❌  Regular promos almost exclusively focused on parlays
βœ…  Wynn Rewards for bonuses in-app or at Wynn resorts❌  Limited betting options beyond major sports
βœ…  Clean, easy-to-navigate interface for new bettors

In general, you get a quick and easy betting experience on all platforms. While I'd love more promos and sports to bet on, the WynnBET sportsbook is still a great option, particularly for newbies to online wagering.

Sports You Can Bet On In The WynnBET App

As expected, you can bet on all the major North American sports, along with some other high-profile leagues and events. The variety beyond the four majors is a little light, but more and more sports have been added to the mobile app over the last few years. With that in mind, let's take a look at what WynnBET Louisiana has to offer.

⚾️  Baseball🏈  FootballπŸ€  Basketball
πŸ₯…  Hockey⛳️  GolfπŸ₯Š  MMA
🏈  NCAAFπŸ€  NCAABπŸ₯Š  Boxing
🏁  Motorsports⚽️  Soccer🎾  Tennis

The selection is pretty similar to what you'd find in most betting markets, and it does seem to be growing. There are other online sportsbooks where you can find some additional sports, but most bettors will find what they want.

Latest WynnBET App Reviews In Louisiana

Generally favorable reviews, but of course room for improvement.

What iOS Users Are Saying

πŸ—£ "The app is great and it has a great variety of sports that you can bet on and the offer get $200 free bets worked perfectly."

πŸ—£ "The app runs smoothly, everything is easy to see unlike a few other sportsbook I’ve used which I downloaded and uninstalled instantly."

πŸ—£ "I’m currently having trouble trying to make a withdrawal and I’m receiving no help at all. The customer service agent told me to just keep trying at different times."

What Android Users Are Saying

πŸ—£ "With WynnBET, the customer service is a lot quicker and nicer, they are very keen to help and can sort out problems you have with your account within minutes."

πŸ—£ "One ticket in the middle of the game just disappeared and came back voided while it was giving me the cash out option."

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Must be 21+ to participate. Terms and conditions apply.

Popular Sports Bets You Can Make

You can place sports bets of almost any kind in the WynnBET app. Let's review some of the most popular choices.

Louisiana WynnBET point spreads

Point Spreads

Point spreads are designed to handicap a game so both teams can be bet at similar odds. You're trying to pick what number will be higher...the favorite's point total minus the points they're giving, or the underdog's point total plus the points they're getting.

Louisiana WynnBET moneylines


A bet on the moneyline is a simple choice of which team or athlete is going to win, with the odds you get varying between the favorite (bet more to win less) and underdog (bet less to win more).

Louisiana WynnBET over/unders

Over/Unders (Totals)

Over/unders are wagers on the total number of points scored by both teams combined. You can bet on whether the total will be higher or lower than the over/under. This is one of my favorite bets for games of events where I don't have any rooting interest.

Louisiana WynnBET parlays


A parlay is a single bet placed on multiple outcomes. For the bet to cash, every result must be bet correctly. This might seem like it lowers your chances a bit, but you'll have the potential for a much bigger payout, since the odds "stack" as you add additional outcomes.

Louisiana WynnBET futures


Typically, futures bets are season-long wagers for a team to win a championship, or in some cases, make it to the semifinals or quarterfinals in the playoffs. You can place futures bets throughout a season, and depending on a team's performance, the odds you get could move up or down.

Louisiana WynnBET prop bets

Prop Bets

Prop bets are side bets of almost all kinds. Examples include what team will score first, what player will accumulate more of a given stat, or even how many penalties will be called. And the most well-known prop bet is whether the coin toss of the Super Bowl will land heads or tails.

Louisiana WynnBET live betting

Live Betting

Live betting is increasingly popular in the online sports betting market. With live bets, you can place wagers (including the types mentioned above) while a game is in progress. Point spreads and odds will constantly update, so keep an eye on them if you're interested in live betting.

Features Available In The WynnBET Mobile App

In addition to the easy-to-navigate design, the WynnBet Louisiana sportsbook also includes some nice features for tracking results and even customizing your bet slip by "buying" points in selected games.

πŸ”¨ Build Your Own Betβ„’ Parlays

This is the name for WynnBET's same game parlay system. They've created a simple, streamlined section of the mobile app that's dedicated to building customized same game parlay bets on NBA and NFL games. You can bet on the overall result, player props, game props, and more. If you're looking to take advantage of this feature, don't forget to opt into the bonus offer mentioned further up the page.

πŸ“± In-Game Live Stats & Live In-Game Betting

WynnBET users have almost any statistic a bettor could hope for right at their fingertips. Scores, player stats, overall game stats, and more all update continuously as games are played. This not only helps you keep tabs on bet slips you already have, but it also makes it easier to get a sense of what live bets you might want to place. The stats are well-organized and easy to browse, rivaling the presentation of big name sports apps that don't have to consider the betting component.

πŸ’΅ Buy Points To Increase Your Chances

WynnBET gives you the chance to buy points when you've got a hunch that a point spread needs a nudge in one direction or the other. You can give up some of your potential payout in exchange for half, full, or even multiple points on your bet slip. Bettors often use this feature for NFL games, where a single point can make the difference between a one- or two-score spread.

How To Sign Up For A WynnBET LA Account

Creating a WynnBET account is easy. Follow these easy steps and you'll be registered in just a few minutes.

βœ…  Step 1  Download the WynnBET mobile app in the Android or Apple app store, or visit the WynnBET site and choose Louisiana as your state
βœ…  Step 2  Select "Register" and enter a username, password, and email address
βœ…  Step 3  Fill in some personal information, including your name, DOB, cell phone number, and last 4 digits of your SSN
βœ…  Step 4  Enter your home address, including your city, state and ZIP code
βœ…  Step 5  Read and consent to the terms of your account and complete your registration

There's nothing unexpected or unusual during the signup process, and you should be able to finish it in about five minutes or less.

Banking With WynnBET Louisiana

Deposits and cash outs and convenient and fairly fast. You've got a reasonable number of options for SSL-encrypted payments and withdrawals.

Making A Deposit

You can make deposits inside the mobile app through through the Wallet feature. There are a variety of options, though not all major credit cards are accepted. You can start using money you deposit right away.

πŸ’° Visa or Mastercard

πŸ’° ACH/e-Check

πŸ’° Bank Transfer 

πŸ’° PayPal

πŸ’° Play+ Prepaid Card

Making A Withdrawal

Withdrawals generally take three to five business days, which is slightly longer than the industry average. Amounts up to your total deposit amount will be refunded to the original payment method. After that, you've got these options.

πŸ’° Online Banking

πŸ’° PayPal

πŸ’° Play+

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfer
  • ACH Transfer
  • Play+

What Else Can You Expect As A WynnBET App User?

From the very generous WynnBET Rewards program to an extremely user-friendly and secure app, WynnBET makes it easy to place bets and convenient to follow their progress.

WynnBET Louisiana Rewards Program 

Originally created for Wynn Resorts, the Wynn Rewards program has also been added to the WynnBET mobile app. Compared to other loyalty programs I've seen at your average online or retail sportsbook, this is a phenomenal program. You can earn rewards at physical Wynn locations and by using the sportsbook app – all your activity helps you earn special offers and deals that you can use at Wynn properties and inside the app. You could vacation at Wynn Las Vegas and play casino games to earn an offer you can use in the WynnBET Louisiana app when you get home. Or you could accumulate rewards in the app before setting off for a five-star resort getaway.

WynnBET User Experience – Mobile App Vs. Website

Unsurprisingly, the WynnBET experience is tailored to quickly swiping and tapping through the mobile app, but the experience doesn't suffer much when you log onto the site. One of WynnBET's strengths is how intuitive it is, and that holds true no matter what device you're using.

Using The App

The app isn't flashy, but the clean design makes it easy to see your options and navigate to exactly where you want to go. What the app lacks in photos or visual excitement, it makes up for in functionality and ease of use.

Using A Computer Or Laptop

The desktop experience is very similar to mobile, just being slightly less intuitive and with slightly longer load/refresh times.

Security Offered By WynnBET Louisiana

WynnBET is fully licensed by the Louisiana gaming control board, so every part of the system is secure and regulated to very high standards. All transactions are fully SSL-encrypted, so your personal and banking information is protected every step of the way. 

To create your account, you must provide information that only you should have access to. And in terms of account security, your login is protected by two-factor authentication and personal security questions. If you ever have an issue with your account, you can always contact customer support by email or 24/7 live chat.

Bet Responsibly With WynnBET Louisiana

Above all else, betting apps should be used responsibly, for entertainment purposes. Whether you're using an online casino or an official online sportsbook, you should never bet more money than you can afford to lose. If you're questioning your ability to stick to that important rule or feel like you're acting impulsively or "on tilt," you can give yourself deposit and bet limits, or even self-impose some time away from gambling. 

If you don't think that's enough, or you're more immediately concerned, there are many organization you can reach out to that specialize in problem gambling.

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Must be 21+ to participate. T&C apply.

How To Contact WynnBET Louisiana Customer Service

WynnBET has a dedicated team for handling customer questions and concerns. If you can't find the answers you're looking for in their extensive FAQs and documentation, you can reach the Louisiana support team 24/7 using the following methods. A support specialist will get back to you as soon as possible to provide the information you need or to clarify your request.

πŸ–±  Live Chatla.wynnbet.com/support
πŸ“±  Phone201-383-2837
πŸ“©  Email[email protected]
🐦  Twitter@WynnBET

Our Expert Opinion On WynnBET Louisiana

So, is the WynnBET app a good choice for sports bettors? In some ways, that depends on what you're looking for, but in general, I can confidently recommend the app. The user experience is fairly basic and the app has a modest, simple look – but most people (myself included) are more interested in quickly finding what we want, getting competitive odds, and getting some worthwhile perks for giving a sportsbook our business. 

WynnBET has those things covered in spades, along with a great welcome bonus and a weekly special where you can reduce the vig. Just like the app itself, the promos aren't particularly flashy (or frequent), but you can reliably expect to earn free bets every so often, particularly if you're a parlay bettor. 

Account and information security is up to par, and customer service is fairly fast and responsive. One area where WynnBET truly stands out is the Wynn Rewards program it shares with all Wynn Resorts locations. It's a standout loyalty program that helps you get valuable extras and offers you can use at vacation destinations or in the app. 

In the end, if you want a dependable online sports betting app that values your loyalty and gets the job done without a lot of eye candy, the WynnBET Louisiana online sportsbook is an excellent choice.

LouisianaBets.com is an independent sports betting comparison website with affiliate links. What that means is if you click on one of our links that directs to an operator and you make a deposit, we’ll receive commission payment at no extra cost to you. Our operator reviews and recommendations for Louisiana sports betting apps and more are impartial as our editorial standards are commercially independent and follow a professional methodology.

WynnBET Louisiana Sportsbook FAQ

Sports You Can Bet On In The WynnBET App

As expected, you can bet on all the major North American sports, along with some other high-profile leagues and events. The variety beyond the four majors is a little light, but more and more sports have been added to the mobile app over the last few years. With that in mind, let's take a look at what WynnBET Louisiana has to offer.

⚾️  Baseball🏈  FootballπŸ€  Basketball
πŸ₯…  Hockey⛳️  GolfπŸ₯Š  MMA
🏈  NCAAFπŸ€  NCAABπŸ₯Š  Boxing
🏁  Motorsports⚽️  Soccer🎾  Tennis

The selection is pretty similar to what you'd find in most betting markets, and it does seem to be growing. There are other online sportsbooks where you can find some additional sports, but most bettors will find what they want.


LouisianaBets.com's Tom Ober is a professional writer living in New Hampshire. An avid Boston sports fan, he has rooted with his heart for his local teams for many years. When he's not stationed in front of a game on the TV, he's probably playing cards or a video game that's decades old.

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