Can Derek Carr Become The Next QB To Beat All 32 NFL Teams?

Can Derek Carr Become The Next QB To Beat All 32 NFL Teams?
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Only four quarterbacks in NFL history have beaten all 32 teams — Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre. It’s a given that in order to record a win against each professional football franchise a QB must enjoy a long and illustrious career — and clearly the names cited above are among the best to ever do it —  but it also means you’ve played for more than one team. After all, you can’t defeat yourself.

With nine-year vet Derek Carr, who’s already beaten 26 different teams, having arrived in New Orleans this offseason, does he have a chance to join the vaunted group of current and future Hall of Famers and become the fifth QB to defeat all 32 NFL franchises? Here at, we think from a Louisiana sports betting mindset, so we developed a set of hypothetical odds looking at the players most likely to become the fifth NFL quarterback to score a victory over every NFL team. 

Odds Of Being 5th QB To Beat All 32 NFL Teams

Our odds are based on the DraftKings Louisiana Sportsbook advanced lines for the 2023 schedule, along with next year’s projected opponents, per the league’s typical scheduling conventions.

So what are Carr’s chances?

Quarterback Current Number of Teams Beaten % Chance Odds
Aaron Rodgers, Jets 31 16.7% (1st) +500
Russell Wilson, Broncos 31 14.3% (1st) +600
Kirk Cousins, Vikings 30 11.1% (1st) +800
Derek Carr, Saints 26 9.1% (1st) +1000
Matthew Stafford, Rams 29 5.0% (1st) +1900
Other - 44.4% (1st) +125

Although Derek Carr can become the fifth quarterback to defeat all 32 teams in his career during this season, we are sure he's not thinking about it. Carr is looking to increase the Saints playoff chances. You can follow the Saints' postseason odds all season here on

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These QBs Have The Best Odds

According to our hypothetical odds, new Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is the most likely to defeat all 32 teams, with Russell Wilson, who joined the Broncos in 2022, the next most likely. Both Rodgers and Wilson just need a single win over their former franchises — the Packers and Seahawks, respectively — to get the job done. Unfortunately, neither match-up is scheduled for 2023. But with each QB switching conferences, Wilson and Rodgers could theoretically face off against their former franchises in this year’s Superbowl. 

We set Kirk Cousins' odds at +800, making him the third most likely to defeat all 32 teams next according to our odds. To do so, Cousins would need to beat two of the top teams in the AFC — the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs — two teams the Vikes are slated to face this season. However, the advanced odds on DraftKings sportsbook currently have the Cousins-led Minnesota Vikings as underdogs in both match-ups. Other Louisiana sportsbook apps show similar odds. The most likely odds are that it’ll be another player, not listed above, to become the fifth quarterback to defeat every NFL team. We set the odds of that happening at +125 — or about a 44.4% chance.

Theoretically, the most likely “other” candidate should be Patrick Mahomes, who’s managed to defeat 30 other teams before turning 28. But after leading the Chiefs to victory at last year’s Super Bowl, don’t expect Mahomes out of Kansas City anytime soon. The two-time league MVP just signed a 10-year, $450 million dollar contract in 2021.

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Carr's Odds to Defeat All 32 NFL Teams

As for the New Orleans Saints' new signal caller, Derek Carr, he needs to defeat six other teams to become the fifth QB to beat every NFL franchise. We set his odds at +1000, representing just under a 10% chance that he’ll be the next man to achieve this milestone. During week one of the pre-season, Carr flashed in his first and only appearance on the field as a Saint. Displaying his textbook efficiency, Carr went 6-8 as a passer, capping his opening the drive off with a touchdown pass to WR Keith Kirkwood. He’s been held out of preseason action since.

In terms of becoming the next QB to beat every other NFL team, the good news is that as a Saint, Carr is tapped to face off against all six teams he’s never beaten in the next two years. All he needs is to rattle off wins against the Packers, Falcons, Vikings, Rams, Commanders, and Raiders. But there’s bad news. It’s actually more likely that Derek Carr will become the first and only QB to lose to all 32 NFL teams. All it would take is a loss to his new division rival the Carolina Panthers, and a loss to Derek Carr’s former team, the Las Vegas Raiders, who the Saints play next year. 

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